Maybe you are trying to figure out whether you are in the right line of work. You may be one of the people whose job was cut do to downsizing. Here are the top indestructible careers--jobs with staying power.

According to, these are the careers you can count on being around for a long time and what the average salary is for each.

Doctor - The median annual salary is $120,000.

Teacher - The median annual earnings of kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers ranged from $41,400 to $45,920.

Mortician - The median annual salary is $37,000.

Waste Disposal Manager - The median annual salary is $35,000.

Scientist - The median salary for a research scientist (biotechnology) is $70,000. The median annual salary for a environmental scientist is $42,000.

Tax Collector - The median annual salary is $38,000.

Barber - The median annual salary is $21,200.

Soldier - The basic pay for enlisted personnel is an annual income of $14,137. The position also includes paid housing, food allowances, healthcare at little to no cost for the soldier and their family, extended vacation/leave, education stipends and additional incentives.

Religious Leader - The median annual salary is $34,000.

Law Enforcement Officer - The median annual earnings at government state and local levels are $38,236. The median annual earnings for companies are $62,700.

Farmer - The average net cash farm business income is last reported at $15,603. Government subsidies and additional incomes or cost reductions are not included in this figure. Incomes for ranchers and farmers vary with the weather, price of farm equipment and factors that involve the quality and quantity of the product.

Construction Worker - The median annual salary is $35,000.