We are all human.  We all have to use the bathroom throughout the day. Where you are when "it" hits is vitally important, especially for women. Here are my Top 5 Grossest/Worst Bathrooms in Texarkana:

Albertson's on Stateline: Unfortunately I was sick on a Saturday (very busy day) and had to get some medication from the pharmacy at Albertson's on Stateline. While waiting for the meds I visited the bathroom which actually made me sicker. It smelled terrible and needed to be cleaned desperately.

Emergency Room at Hospital on St. Michael Drive: Same day. I feared the bathroom but couldn't avoid it. Someone had problems and used the trash can to go potty in but didn't hit the basket completely. I may never get the visual memory out of my head.

J.C. Penney at the Mall: My friend Mindy said, "Two of the four bathrooms were stopped up and poo poo three days old on the toilet. The toilet paper sits on the floor, smelled like a zoo. There were no paper towels or soap either. The floor looked like the toilets had overflowed and people walked around in it for two days. I've seen dogs kennels that looked better."

Fat Jack's Oyster Bar: I love going to Fat Jack's, but not the bathroom so much. The door does usually lock so that is a plus.

Park Restroom at Bobby Ferguson Park: Oh my. The photos speak for themselves. One out of three toilets is clean but still no toilet paper. (Hole No. 2 pictured at beginning of this blog). Look closely at the photo on the left, there is a special present on the back of the seat.



Here is an opportunity to cover bathroom etiquette. This can be especially tricky at work so I will focus mainly on etiquette at the office but you can apply it anywhere. Be thoughtful,  courteous and respectful of your fellow workmates.  Some of us may need a refresher course on how to get the job done without causing undo stress on everyone else.

Proper Bathroom Etiquette:

Wash YOUR Hands - People notice.  Its okay to dry your hands as you exit the bathroom.  That lets folks know you did, in fact, wash up.

Hallway - Bathroom Encounters. What to do when you run into a co-worker coming out of the bathroom.  Simply smile, say "Hi" and keep walking.  Do not stop to talk about ANYTHING.  If it is the boss, avoid eye contact and if the boss is carrying a newspaper, avoid conversation for the rest of the day to give yourself time to get that image out of your head.

Be Thoughtful of Others.  I worked with a gal that would leave the office every time she had to do the deed.  She went to a nearby drug store.  I also worked with someone that made the entire office suffer Monday through Friday with his daily routine, which also included a newspaper.  How is it that most of us try to hide the fact that we have to go during the day but some seem to flaunt it?  Ultimately being at home is always best but if you can't manage to work from home, finding a single-stall public bathroom is something that must be pre-planned.  Otherwise, stash a can of vanilla scented spray under the sink.  If you must read, hide the newspaper/magazine inside your jacket.

Do you have any funny (or gross) bathroom stories?

Do you have a gross bathroom to add to the list?