Remember the advice your parents gave you: Use your money wisely and it will go further. In other words, get the best deals and hit the best sales. The change of season is always a good time to shop for items the stores need to move out of the way but here are a few items you need to get before the month ends.Here are the best things to buy in July:

Computers -- Get them before the back-to-school season kicks in and prices go up.

Jewelry -- In July, online retailers drop the price of jewelry by as much as 48 percent.

Sweaters and Coats -- It might seem crazy, but July is best month to get sweaters and coats, especially online.

Summer Fashions -- Stores are looking ahead to fall and wanting to get the summer stuff out of there, so now's the time to get summer fashions at bargain prices.

Outdoor Furniture -- Despite the fact that summer isn't officially over until late September, stores are trying to move the summer goods out and are slashing prices.