Here are the signs to look for that point to the fact that you tied the knot with Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.

According to psychologist Lori Kuriman, here are the signs:

  1. You sometimes find yourself looking back wistfully at past sweethearts. Even old partners you weren't that crazy about at the time suddenly seem wonderful.
  2. You fantasize about other people during lovemaking. It's one thing to have occasional sexual thoughts about members of the opposite sex, but when you can't become aroused without conjuring up the face of someone other than your mate, the marriage is headed for the rocks.
  3. You frequently think back to the time you were single and remember that period of your life as "the good old days."
  4. You sometimes find yourself "tuning out" your spouse, not hearing what it is they've said - as if part of you is denying that the person even exists.
  5. You argue mostly about minor matters instead of big issues regarding your future together.
  6. When a member of the opposite sex flirts with your mate, you don't really feel jealous.
  7. You prize time alone and actually look forward to your partner's trips away from home.
  8. You often cast your mind back to the moment you decided to marry and wonder what would have happened if you had chosen otherwise. This is a common form of marriage-denial.
  9. You sometimes think about what you would do if your partner were dead.
  10. You often find yourself asking the question, "Did I marry the wrong person?" If you have to ask, of course, the answer probably is yes.

When did it hit you that you had married the wrong person? Did you try and fix the relationship? Can it be done if it's the wrong person?