I am a HUGE fan of Beagle hounds. My best good friend was a Beagle, and seeing this story hit really close to home for me. Little Joe doesn't have much time, but his humans are making sure he gets the most out of his time left.

For a lot of us our dog is more than a pet, they are family. Little Joe, or L.J. for short, is fighting Cancer. Specifically Adenocarcinoma, the same type of cancer that took my dog. Little Joe has had the Cancer removed, but it could return at any time. So Essam and Kathryn Shomali of Maryland have made a bucket list for Little Joe. Topping the list is "Eating a Big Mac", other items on his list include riding in a fire truck, a blind date, a candle lit steak dinner, eating an ice cream cone, making the news (check) and more. The final item on Little Joe's list is to meet "Baby Shomali" due in December. (We sure hope he makes it.)