Check out the video of pizza-tossing pizza delivery dude from England who doesn’t need the annoying buzzer or stairs to deliver a pizza.
There are very few details on this video of a pizza delivery guy making a pretty impressive delivery to a guy on the third floor by throwing the piza up to him and getting the cash for the pizza. The only thing I know is that this was definitely shot in England and that pizza-tossing delivery dude keeps the pizzas in his trunk. But so many questions! Why did the dude who captured this magical pizza delivery moment suddenly start shooting before it happened? Why didn’t the pizza delivery dude use the stairs? Were they broken? Why did the customer not care that his pizza would probably get all smushed up and probably have all the toppings stacked up on one side of the pizza? Was all of this staged and next week Jimmy Kimmel is going to reveal that it was shot on a soundstage in Burbank? But really, pizza tossing should really be an Olympic sport.