As anyone who drives in Texarkana will tell you, the red light situation in this town will turn any mild mannered individual into a road raging fool in just a couple of minutes. With all of the construction,to the "new High tech" red lights, it makes getting around town a little bit of a hassle. Here are the worst red lights in town.



Summerhill Road Overpass. This One lane wonder is about the worst place to get stuck. The cones and signs do more to confuse you than to help you get where you need to go. It will get better, but for now it is definitely some place to avoid. 




 Next up is the intersection of Interstate 30 and Stateline.  At lunch time and almost all evening it is backed up and almost impossible to get around. It is also difficult to gostraight  because so many people are going right and moving slowly to get onto the interstate. The lack of clear signs make this dangerous because people are tryting to get  into the correct lanes to go over the interstate to go down stateline.



 Richomond Rd. What can you say that has not been said of this area. It is growing, yes but the way traffic is in this area it makes it somewhere I avoid at all costs. If my wife wants to go shopping anywhere on this road I either am busy of just suck it up and make sure to try to go at off peak times.