The John Calvin Brewer Band will be live at Hopkins Icehouse Friday Night.

The John Calvin Brewer Band is a 21st century Rock/Blues band. Original & abstract meets old school could describe this band, “Generation-X collides with Blues and Rock”. Young and old alike identify with the bands wide variety of material and energy. Professional musicians for over 10 years the band began at a young age including (bassist) Shannon Sabbatini, Brewer and Sabbatini have paid many dues between Nashville, TN & Dallas, TX playing nightclubs, honkytonks, & songwriter venues.

With plans for a 2010/11 debut album The John Calvin Brewer Band will stretch even more regionally and possibly international. Hometown hero’s The John Calvin Brewer Band had the pleasure of hosting the 2008 Spa City - Hot Springs, AR Blues Festival, and will also host the 2010 Blues Festival. The band has had the pleasure of playing along side Mississippi Blues legend Pine Top Perkins, international Berklee guitar prodigy Joe Pitts, and also PGA golf star John Dalys party in 2009. “ We have pleased everyone except ourselves, so our debut album will be what we want to do, we have great material that has evolved over the past 5 years and we are ready to lay down some killer work” Says Brewer. The John Calvin Brewer Band is one of the most diverse bands you’ve ever seen in action, with a song in the bag for everyone and constantly crossing boundaries. The John Calvin Brewer Band