If things are not going so great in your relationship look out. You could be hearing the 'bye-bye' in the next 10 days. David McCandless, a British journalist polled 10,000 Facebook status updates for the words "break up" or "broken up" and then graphed the results.

Here are the five most likely times for breaking up:

Two weeks before Christmas - Why spend a lot of money on someone you don't really like?

After Valentine's Day - The heart and soul of a relationship is revealed and you may just find that the relationship isn't worth continuing.

The weeks leading up to spring break - A week of fun at the beach without a ball and chain is too appealing.

April Fool's Day - Only sick people would break up on this day.

Mondays are the most likely day of the week to end relationships.

The least likely times to break up:

  • Christmas Day
  • Summer
  • Fall