The Autumn City is an Alternative/Pop Rock band from the Great State of Texas, and will be releasing their third single today.

The Autumn City formed in August 2013. The band consists of vocalist Jordan Willard, guitarists Nick Lockard and Zach Lacefield, bassist Dylan Pitman and drummer/percussionist Chris Wesselhoft. Rooted in the city of Texarkana, Texas, the town that dreaded sundown, the band formed with the purpose of making music with themes of emotion, creativity, adventure and good vibes. With the listener in mind, The Autumn City wants to set an atmosphere of positivity and familiarity with good music. Within a few weeks of formation, the group caught the ear of award-winning producer and engineer Frank Pryor, owner of Artistry Recordings. The band signed with the label and starting December 3rd, will release a new single every month for the next twelve months. Be sure the check the band out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, etc. for recent posts and updates as they continue to pursue their dreams in making art-filled music.

To check out their latest single 'Chances' click here.

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