What am I thankful for? This could take awhile. My life is far from perfect, but I consider it to be a very blessed life. I have a healthy, beautiful family and a strong support system. I could go on all day and night with all the blessings that I am truly thankful for. However, in an effort to be succinct I will discuss only one.

Someone, somewhere said “let what you love be what you do.” I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to live out that quote everyday. I teach media to high school students, and I have never been more content. I am so thankful for my students; they are the very best part of what I do. I am thankful for the opportunity to lead, inspire, motivate, and encourage each and every day!

I am also very thankful that no two days are the same. I love all aspects of media: the writing, the filming, editing, voicing, etc. I truly love sharing my passion with students. I hope I am helping them discover what it is they love, so that one day they can live out the quote “let what you love be what you do.”

About Tiffany Hamilton

Tiffany Hamilton spent 16 years in radio/TV before entering the education field to teach media/broadcast at Arkansas High School. Mrs. Hamilton still does extensive freelance voiceover and commercial work locally and regionally. She also serves as the Student Council sponsor at Arkansas High, along with her duties as a member of the Leadership team for TACTC and as a mentor teacher for the Pathwise-mentoring program of Arkansas. Mrs. Hamilton is married and has three children all of whom attend school in TASD. She is proud to be a Razorback!