First, Lady Gaga's concert in Indonesia was canceled by the national police due to protests from religious hardliners.  Now, she's managed to tick off the government of Thailand.

The news agency AFP reports that Thailand's culture ministry has complained to the police that Gaga used Thailand's flag in her concert there last month in an "inappropriate" manner.  According to the ministry, Gaga wore a traditional Thai headdress paired with a skimpy outfit, and sat on a motorcycle with the Thai flag trailing behind it.  The ministry said that Gaga's actions "hurt Thai people's sentiment."

A senior ministry official said, "We are not asking police to prosecute her but it's our normal procedure to file complaints to concerned agencies when we receive them."

This is actually the second time Gaga has angered the people of Thailand.  When she arrived in that country, she tweeted about wanting to buy a fake Rolex, which some locals felt cast them in a bad light.