Lisa Thompson, a mass communications graduate from the University of Central Arkansas is the new public relations officer for the city of Texarkana, Texas.

"This exactly what I went to school to do. I have always been interested in cities and municipalities, and I've always loved to write. I think it is what I'm good at," states Lisa Thompson in an interview with the Texarkana Gazette.

Lisa Thompson brings a varied background to her new post. Previously, she was president of the Atlanta Area Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta Memorial Foundation, as well as worked for a congressman in Washington D.C.

Thompson worked in Little Rock for the Arkansas Department of Human Services where she recruited psychology professionals to assist children with emotional and physical challenges.

While in Texarkana, Thompson has worked with Opportunities Inc as well as Texas A & M and Texarkana College as an adjunct professor. However, in her current position, Lisa Thompson is looking forward to combining the efforts of everyone on both sides of the twin cities to bring Texarkana in the forefront of the minds of residents as well as visitors to this great city.