Although it is only October, we can already feel the temperatures dropping here in Texarkana. Does that mean that this winter we may actually see snow? What would a snowfall in T-Town look like? Here are some photos from other parts of Texas that have actually seen some of the fabled white stuff. 

Having lived in Ohio for the past 13 years, I've seen my share of snow. It's gorgeous when it blankets the streets and the neighborhoods are so quiet at night that you can hear the snow crunch beneath your footsteps as you walk down the sidewalk.

But snow also means that there's work to do. Get ready to sweat as you shovel sidewalks and clear driveways. Get up early to dust snow off cars or scrape frozen windshields. And leave in plenty of time each morning to drive slowly to work so your car doesn't sail over the edge of an overpass.

Sound like a headache? It just depends on how much you love fluffy white snow. If you're a kiddo, you probably can't wait to make a snowman or go sledding. It can mean a lot of fun. So what about you, do you want snow in Texas or not? Have you experienced snow in Texas already? Submit your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #texassnow.

Now here are some photos from folks who have had the chance to witness this rare phenomenon.

Photo courtesy courtneynicka/Instagram
Photo courtesy joe_kabrane/Instagram
Photo courtesy emilylynn1/Instagram
Photo courtesy amperryphotography/Instagram
Photo courtesy kaccii/Instagram


After this article was originally published, we received the following photos and videos submitted by some of our friends from past Texarkana snowfalls. Enjoy!

Jeff Easterling
Danna Easterling
Danna Easterling
Danna Easterling
Jeff Easterling