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And Now A Bunny Eating Raspberries For Your Thursday Enjoyment [VIDEO]
Thursday is here again and we all want the weekend to get here already.
The best way to battle the Thursday blues is to get your 'oh that's so cute' on with a video that has literally blown up on you tube. The bunny just eating these raspberries like the a re the last raspberries on earth has garnere…
The Flintstones Are Real, And They Live in Russia [VIDEO]
The Flintstones car was always something we joked about having. One of my friends in high school actually had a Volkswagen rabbit with holes in the floor so big you could probably use your feet to stop that tiny car. In this  video I found from Russia you can see these guys with their own versi…
Is This Guy Even Human?[VIDEO]
Check out this quick video of a gymnast by the name of Ozell Williams.
I had to watch the video twice. I thought it was edited to make him do some of the craziest flips ever. My son Grant is now into superheroes, and this guy can do things that probably some super heros cannot come close to doing...

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