wierd news

Womans Stabs Boyfriend For Using Bathroom
When nature calls, Mary Ramos Martin would prefer you didn’t answer.
Police arrested the Immokalee, Florida woman after she stabbed her boyfriend Saturday when they got into an argument over how long he spent in a bathroom.
Best Buy Employee Fired For Tackling Thief
Roger Kline may have saved the day when a thief tried to make good with over $1,600 in merchandise, but his instinct to tackle the sticky-fingered customer didn't save his job. In fact, it got him fired.
University of Alaska Has Sock Flushing Epidemic
Students at the University of Alaska have taken to a weird -- and costly -- ritual: flushing socks down the toilet.
Campus officials are perplexed by the hundreds of socks that have made their way into the UAF Fine Arts Complex sewer system - not to mention annoyed at the $15,000 worth of damage they…