Tori Spelling Has An Oops Moment
Twitter can be a dangerous thing. Tori Spelling's husband Dean McDermott learned this the hard way. Dean posted a picture of thier son on his twitter account yesterday, but failed to notice that his wife was topless in the background of the picture...
France Bans The Words “Facebook” And “Twitter”
The French government is notorious for banning the use of English words as a way of maintaining French language and culture.
However, a recent ruling by the French government, which now makes it illegal to speak the words "Facebook" or "Twitter" on television or ra…
Facebook Now Cited in Two out of Three Divorce Proceedings
According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, social networking sites are now used as a primary source of evidence in four of out five divorcee proceedings.
Facebook, the most popular social networking destination, is cited in two-thirds of divorce cases, followed by MySpace at 14 percent…
Charlie Sheen Breaks a Record
Charlie Sheen broke the record for the person to reach one million followers on Twitter the quickest. It only took him a little over 25 hours to hit the mark.