Man Gets Free Year of Netflix For a Tattoo?
I am a casual fan of Netflix. I can find the occasional movie on it and the TV selection has helped spurn some interest in some shows like 'The Evil Dead', but I am no means a fan like this guy.
The 10 Most Obvious Tweets From the Hurricane Sandy Twitter
It seems to be tradition that whenever a major hurricane is bearing down on NYC and the rest of the Eastern seaboard, memes and spoof Twitter accounts will invariable pop up. However, the funniest Twitter account for the Frankenstorm, aka Hurricane Sandy is run by Elijah Daniel and will keep you lau…
Twitter Feud Between Kelly Osbourne, Joan Rivers And Rihanna
Twitter. It’s not just a social messaging service but a battleground! Rihanna got into a 140-character feud with thoroughly plastic surgery-ed comedienne Joan Rivers after Rivers was aghast at RiRi’s confession to Oprah (that she still loves her abusive ex Chris Brown). Now, Rivers’ ‘Fashion Police’…

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