Where are the Worst Potholes in Texarkana?
No matter where you drive in Texarkana, it seems as though our vehicles are being beaten to pieces by potholes. Arkansas Boulevard used to be so bumpy and loaded with holes, it was one of the roads to avoid in Texarkana. Thank goodness they fixed it since that's the road I work on.
What roads do…
Who Has The Best Burger in Texarkana?
Our question this past Wednesday asked who had the best burger in Texarkana, and the responses were very interesting.
As you can see in just some of the comments the Dugout on 82 in Texarkana, Arkansas was the overwhelming favorite. The...
10 Restaurants We Should Bring Back to Texarkana
I was driving to get the kids from school and noticed that Larry's Pizza is moving into the old Johnny Carino's building. I then had a flashback to when Johnny Carino's was still here and all of the great dates I went on with my wife. I wished that it was still open.
On Wednesday, we asked you about …

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