Your Favorite Taco – Who Makes It Just Right?
This Wednesday, October 4 is National Taco Day, I love me some tacos! Who doesn't really? But tacos come in all shapes and sizes and we're looking for Texarkana's and the surrounding area's best taco, tell us about your favorite.
What Texarkana Restaurant Needs A Second Location?
What Texarkana restaurant needs a second location?Texarkana is very fortunate that we have a large selection of restaurants, from the big chains to the great mom and pop places there's plenty to choose from.
Top 10 Rated Mexican Restaurants in Texarkana
Mexican food is something we all are experts on, right? A recent survey found that the most popular food to cook at home is Mexican. It is that popular, especially in this part of the country.
Yelp listed the top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Texarkana and here is the list in all of its glory...

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