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5 Times Texarkana Has Made National News
Texarkana has made national news for various reasons. Some are good reasons, others are not. Criminals, famous athletes, severe weather and a big explosion make the top five times that Texarkana has been in the national news.
Armed Robbery in Texarkana
Texarkana Texas Police are looking for an armed robbery suspect. Authorities say the Pleasant Grove Pharmacy on Richmond Road was targeted shortly before 2pm this Tuesday afternoon.
J.W.’s News Update: Thursday December 15, 2011
Interstate 30 Westbound in Bowie County in Northeast Texas was backed up for hours this morning following a traffic accident involving several 18 wheelers. The accident clogged westbound lanes near the 190 mile marker around 6:30 am. It took a number of hours to get the roadway cleared during the ra…
Please Help The Texarkana Trailblazers Fundraiser
Please help us get to the Junior Olympic Games to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 31 – August 6, 2011
Let us provide lunch for you and your co-workers!!
WHEN: Fri & Sat July 15 & 16, 2011 10am-sold out
WHERE: Wells Fargo Jefferson Avenue Branch
My Trip to College Hill Elementary School
I recently had the chance to go to the College Hill Elementary School graduation. It was neat to talk to kids so enthusiastic about music and the possibilities of their  future.