Hail and Damaging Winds Hit Texarkana and Surrounding Area
Where were you when the storms rolled through Texarkana and the surrounding communities on Monday, April 11? I was getting gas so luckily I was parked under an awning when the hail hit as my video shows below but when the winds blew through. That's when things got scary.
What Kind Of Storm Are You?
We have all seen the random post on Facebook, that seem to know all about you, but this one got it all right just from my name.
Storms Brewing in the Distance
There is a 30% chance of thunderstorms today in the Texarkana area. North of our area has a greater chance of storms and at an increased intensity.
Tornado Warning Blows Up Over My House [Photos]
A big storm rolled through the Arklatex this afternoon. I believe it formed in the skies above my community. A tornado warning was issued, after the fact for my area. I guess all storms have to start some where.
View of the Storms From Mimi’s Back Porch [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
It has been a busy week for storms in our neck of the woods. Monday, Tuesday and even overnight on Wednesday, which was unexpected. I had to pull a tree out of the road to get to work Wednesday morning.
This is what the storms looked like from my back porch: