What Texarkana Restaurant Needs A Second Location?
What Texarkana restaurant needs a second location?Texarkana is very fortunate that we have a large selection of restaurants, from the big chains to the great mom and pop places there's plenty to choose from.
10 Restaurants We Should Bring Back to Texarkana
I was driving to get the kids from school and noticed that Larry's Pizza is moving into the old Johnny Carino's building. I then had a flashback to when Johnny Carino's was still here and all of the great dates I went on with my wife. I wished that it was still open.
On Wednesday, we asked you about …
Justin Timberlake Live At His Restaurant in New York [VIDEO]
Justin Timberlake made a surprise appearance at his New York Restaurant 'Southern Hospitality'. While he was there he had a little concert for the diners there. Here is a clip of 'What Goes Around..Comes Around'. The folks there are singing louder than he is...

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