Your Daily Inspiration
I found this on a website and thought I would share it with you. When I am on Facebook I always see people share little pictures with witty sayings on them and this just spoke to me this week. Feel free top share is it applies to you.
Finding Mr. Right: Is He Husband Material?
The dream is to find a life partner that is everything you have always dreamed of in a spouse. Many often settle for what they can get because, when you are in the relationship, it is easy and convenient so why change it. Or maybe it is too tough of a road to go down to end the relationship. Have yo…
Austrailan Cities Suffer From “Man Drought”
Finding your true love has always been a difficult feat, but female singles in Australia's busy metropolitan areas are facing an extreme case of the lonelies. The reason: a lack of eligible men.
How Many Frogs do You Have to Kiss Before You Find Your Prince?
Ladies, how many guys did you kiss and how many did you date before you finally found the right one? That may take some time to remember and add up the numbers so get a pen and notepad out to get a good estimated number then read the results of the survey below to see how your life compa…
The Way He Treats Fido Shows How He Will Treat You
The way a person treats an animal can tell you everything you need to know about them and how things would be if you get into a romantic relationship. Check out these common scenarios from Happen Magazine that show how people interact with their furry friends and what that indicates for their love l…