Pink: “I Have No Idea Why Anyone Likes Me”
Pink is currently barnstorming through Australia, playing show after show, with her husband Carey Hart and daughter Willow in tow.  But even though she's sold 500,000 tickets on this current  tour, Pink says she's baffled as to why so many fans want to co…
Pink Brings Daughter Willow on Stage for First Time
It looks as though Pink's daughter Willow is itching to follow in her mother's footsteps! At the 'Try' songstress' latest concert in Frankfurt, Germany her almost 2-year-old daughter saw mom performing in front of thousands on stage and wanted a piece of the action!
Pink Says Her Pregnancy Was All About “Rage”
Kate Middleton, otherwise known as the Duchess of Cambridge, has had to go to the hospital due to her severe morning sickness.  Pink, who gave birth to daughter Willow in 2011, says she feels sorry for Kate, but says her own pregnancy didn't involve nausea: it involved rage.
Watch Pink’s New Music Video For ‘Try’ [VIDEO]
Pink premiered her new video for the song 'Try' on this morning. The video debuted on VEVO and various MTV channels. 'Try' is Pink's second single off her new album, The Truth About Love. I just got her new CD and absolutely love it! This video is awesome too. Full of passio…

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