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Shelter Pet of the Week is Young, Fun-Loving Angelica
Angelica is our featured shelter pet this week. She is a little over 1 year old and is a mixed breed dog. It looks like she may have some Lab in her but her size is much smaller than the typical Lab. Angelica loves to play fetch and give dog kisses.
Provide a Pet a Pad for a Hound at the Animal Shelter
Tess is a hound that has been at the animal shelter for almost one year, which is a very long time. She is a dark color so maybe people just haven't seen her. She loves to be outside and often is on the other side of the wall when people walk through the shelter. She needs some sharing and cari…
Provide a Pet a Pad for Twix at the Animal Shelter
Twix is a sweet, medium sized dog that has a great disposition. She walks great on a leash and has a very quiet demeanor. She came to the shelter pregnant and gave birth to 12 babies in one of the kennels. None of the babies lived. So now Twix is looking for a fresh start.
Provide a Pet a Pad for Lady J at the Animal Shelter
Sweet Lady J is a cattle dog mix. She walks great on a leash, knows sit and down too. She is a wonderful dog with a fabulous sweet disposition. Watch the video where she is put through the paces. It looks as though she knows hand commands.
Provide a Pet a Pad for Tawny at the Animal Shelter
Tawny is living proof that having a rough life doesn't mean you come with a rough personality. She greeted me with a smile and tail wagging. She came to the front of the kennel and wanted to be pet and stood very still for me to take a video and a few pics. She appears to have recently had a litter …

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