Reasons to Always Leave Work on Time
Do not stay a minute after 5 o'clock. Is that hard for you to do? It used to be very hard for me. I was one of those people that got to work early and stayed late. I didn't get paid a penny more but I felt guilty if I left on time. There are four reasons that you should always leave work o…
How to Tweak Your Brain and Get Things Moving
Having a tough time getting started this morning? Mondays for me are the easiest probably because I have had a couple of days to think about what I want to do on Monday morning. Tuesday and the rest of the work week gets more difficult as it rolls on.
Check out these quick and easy ways to tweak your…
Who is Responsible For Taking The Trash Out? [POLL]
What do you do when the trash piles high enough that it spills over the top of the can? If you are like most people at our office you either push it down so you can cram more stuff in or just pretend not to see it. Whose job is it to take the trash out when it is full?
Pop Quiz: Are You The Office Gossip?
Take this short and fun quiz with your friends to see where you rate on the scale of gossip. We rated ourselves on the Morning Show and all three of us (Wes, JW and me) came in on the same result, we are well-balanced at least as far as gossiping goes. Score yourself then let us know whether you are…