Mother's Day

Father’s Day vs. Mother’s Day Gift Giving Comparisons
It's that time of year again, about midway between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when we try to find something for our dads and hope he does not remember what we got for mom because we spend more on Mom than Dad. If he were to remember and compare the gifts, Dad …
Advice From Mom That Turns Out to Be True
My mom was awesome. It takes some growing up before we are able to give mom her due appreciation though. For some, it means having children of your own, for others it just takes some living without having your mom as a catch-net to figure out she knew exactly what she was talking about.
CASA for Children Celebrates Volunteers This Mother’s Day
Every May, CASA of Texarkana honors mothers for the compassion and love they have unselfishly provided. While they take the time to celebrate and reflect on the support that we sometimes take for granted, there are children struggling in the child welfare system without a caring mother or mother fig…
What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day
According to, the average amount mom's expect their husbands and kids will spend on them for Mother's Day this year - $24.69. That seems really low but maybe that is just because my Mom's birthday always fell right around Mother's Day so we got combined gifts that wer…
How Do You Stay in Touch With Your Mom?
We all love our moms. Sometimes it is hard to keep in touch with mom if you do not live near her anymore. Here are some ways to stay connected to your mom from many miles away.
Most Powerful Moms of 2013
Are you a working mother? Check out these stars who have been named in the '50 Most Powerful Moms of 2013.' They juggle a busy work schedule and a family, probably with some extra help though.

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