Halloween Lightshow That Would Make Any Neighbor Scream [VIDEO]
This video has been making all of the hot lists and it is truly amazing. The Thomas family have made a name for themselves with their Christmas light shows and it looks like they are doing their part to make Halloween just as awesome. The light show on the house is set to the song 'Sail' f…
Wes’s Christmas Tree is Ready
For those of you just tuning in, here is my Christmas tree, ahem my family's Christmas tree. It did not start looking this way it was a mess when I took it out of storage. It looked like this.
Wes’s Christmas Tree Needs Help
wesspicherHere is a picture of my Christmas tree. It is one of those pre- lit ones that we have had for three years. I have been working on this thing for two days and have not had any luck getting it  to light up.