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Lady Ga Ga “Judas” [VIDEO]
Here is the video for the song "Judas" from Lady Ga Ga. A lot of controversy has been brewing over the Christian references in the video. It reminds me of Madonna when she did the video for the song "Like a Prayer."  What do you think?
Lady Ga Ga Song “Judas” Leaked
What would today really be without another news item about Lady Gaga?
In this case, the Internet is buzzing about Gaga's new single 'Judas,' which leaked four days ahead of schedule, according to PopCrush. (We'd apologize on behalf of the Internet, but hey, it was born that way.)
Lady Ga Ga Takes a Tumble
Lady Ga Ga took a tumble from her piano at a recent concert, but kept right on singing. The 24 year old singer looks like it hardly fazed her falling on stage and bumping her head on the stage. Talk about a performer! Have you been at a concert and something go wrong...