$1000 Gift Card For The Person That Needs It
I was so surprised to get a gift card for $1000 in the mail to go toward a hearing aid. I double checked the envelope and sure enough, it had my name on it. I do not have a hearing impairment.
If you want this gift card as well as the other coupons for hearing aid supplies, just let me know. If I get…
Provide a Pet a Pad: Cutie David Needs a Home [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
David is a little over 1 year old. He is already neutered. He is very sweet, loves affection, plays and listens well. He looks like a shepherd mix but he is only 20 pounds. He would make a great inside/outside dog for the entire family and will be good with kids. David is good with other dogs too!
Animal Control Officer Diana Slider Retires [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
Diana Slider has been an Animal Control Officer for Texarkana, Texas, for 10 years. She is set to retire her catch pole on Friday, August 31, 2012. Diana has a big heart for animals and her service to those furry critters will be missed.
Diana and I have been on a few adventures together. I was sad t…

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