Play It Forward Sports Camp Saturday
Play It Forward is a community program created by Shaleigh Chandler for her gold award project for Girl Scouts.
Chandler needs your help to make this a success. Through this program, she hopes to make it possible for more children to participate in sports...
Healthcare Express is Here For You During The Holidays [SPONSORED]
I had the opportunity to have Suki from Healthcare Express in the studio recently and we had a chance to talk about the holidays and the little things that might happen along the way. We don’t always want to talk about it but accidents do happen. And the good folks at Healthcare…
Texas High to Hold Soccer and Baseball Camps
If you are looking for a fun sports camps for your student to participate in during the upcoming holidays, then look no further than Texas High School who will feature two holiday sports camps.
Do You Have An Elf On The Shelf?
As the holiday season is upon us, I want to talk about the Elf On The Shelf. John Williams had no idea what the elf was and I had to explain it to him.

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