How Likely Are You to Buy a Father’s Day Gift?
Father's Day is Sunday, and after hearing about all of the stuff he doesn't want for Father's day like ties and gym memberships, hopefully these facts about Dad will make you give him the gift he really deserves.
What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day
According to, the average amount mom's expect their husbands and kids will spend on them for Mother's Day this year - $24.69. That seems really low but maybe that is just because my Mom's birthday always fell right around Mother's Day so we got combined gifts that wer…
Do You Wrap Or Bag Your Christmas Gifts?
As I was standing in my room with our Christmass tree I noticed something that I found quite interesting. Back when I was a kid, we used to wrap all of our Christmas presents. Now You will find presents wrapped or in a pretty bag with that tissue paper.
5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Guys
It’s an ordeal to find the perfect Valentine’s gift for the perfect lady. But, hold on there, partner. It’s just as difficult (more?) to find the perfect Valentine’s gift for the (he’s trying) perfect guy. So we&Close…