Things You Should Clean But Don’t
You touch it. Other people touch it. But do you ever clean it? Chances are the answer to most of the items on this list is 'no' or 'not so much.' This list includes all of the items and secrets for cleaning them simply.
Ways To Keep From Getting Sick
We are all carrying around hand sanitizer these days. I use my sleeve to open doors. Even my stepson uses his elbow to touch the elevator buttons now and he uses his sleeve to touch door knobs. I'm so proud of him for that! It's all about staying healthy and preventing illness. What are th…
Top 9 Germiest Places in Your Kitchen
You know that weeks-old sponge sitting on the kitchen sink is rife with germs, so throw it out already. But did you know that your rubber spatulas, knife block and the ice dispenser are also a germ-fest? And that's only the beginning.