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Fair Food – What’s Your Favorite? [POLL]
The 72nd Four States Fair and Rodeo starts up Friday. There are a ton of different things to to do for everyone whether it's the exhibits, rides or the rodeo.  The one thing that everyone can agree on is the food.
Get Ready for the Power 95-9 Street Dance at the Four States Fair
The 15th annual Power 95-9 Street Dance is Friday, September 9, on the first day of the the Four States Fair at the fairgrounds amphitheater. The dance is for everyone to enjoy with prizes for participating kids. Whether you have professional training or just like to dance, we welcome you to the com…
Fun Passes for Unlimited Rides and Gate Admission at Four States Fair
Get your Fun Passes now for 10 days of unlimited rides and gate admission at the 72nd Annual Four States Fair. With your pass to unlimited rides the fun is endless. The midway opens on Friday, September 9 at 4PM. The fair is in Texarkana, Ark., through Sunday, September 18. Here is how to get y…
Bull Riding at the Four States Fair & Rodeo [VIDEOS]
The rodeo at the 71st Four States Fair and Rodeo wrapped up on Saturday, Sept. 19 with Bull Riding being the last event. Bull Riding is always exciting to watch. One of the nights the bull went after the pickup riders. I never seen that happen before. I think it caught the pickup rider off guard a b…

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