Planning the Best Football Game Watching Party
Are you having a group over for the big game on Sunday? If so, you need to do some quick shopping and get the right stuff or be faced with a lot of sad faces as well as the rumor mill will fire up with your name associated with "lame."
Alumni Football Game — Nashville vs. DeQueen [VIDEOS]
Every other year, or so, football players from years gone by have a chance to get back in the game and show they still have what it takes. A company puts these games on throughout the nation. Big business apparently. For us locals its all about the rivalry.
Arkansas High vs. Texas High, LE vs. PG, an…
Is Football Becoming Too Violent?
Many students play football in the Texarkana area. As a player or a parent have you ever wondered if the game is becoming too violent?
Recently, a New York high school football player, Damon Janes, was hit so hard in a game that “he was able to get on his feet but lost consciousness on the sid…

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