10 Highest Rated Texarkana Restaurants
The site Yelp has put together a list of the top Texarkana restaurants and after seeing the list, I want to know how many of these restaurants on the list have you had the chance of visiting? I did a post of iconic restaurants in Texas and Arkansas but this review is more for Texarkana and has …
Strange Southern Food Combinations That Are Actually Really Good
Do you crave certain food with other foods that don't go together? Pickles with peanut butter, mayonnaise with crawfish, or cheese curls with cereal. What are your strange favorite food combinations? This morning I wanted breakfast and lunch, so basically brunch but I mixed the two like purple …
Best Meals For Under $10 In Texarkana
Two things that I love are a good meal and of course some incredible deals on the food we love. Here is a small list of what you can find for cheap in Texarkana.
Pork Chop 5k Run, One Mile Family Run and Dog Walk on Saturday
Register now for the Pork Chop 5k run or the family run and one mile dog walk that will kick off the first annual Oktoberfest in Downtown Texarkana. The 5k will be a timed event. The one mile run and dog walk are not timed so take your time and enjoy participating with your family and furry friends.

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