Road Floods in Arkansas as More Rain is Expected
My drive to work and home again is always an interesting trip when weather conditions are extreme. The massive amount of rain that we have gotten and continue to get has almost completely flooded the road that leads to my house.
Flooding in Shreveport-Bossier [VIDEOS]
My stepson and I took a trip to Bossier City last week and wound up having to take a detour through downtown Shreveport to get home. The flooding was completely over the interstate and the Boardwalk looked pretty rough.
My House and Yard are a Mudbog
Running a dog rescue in this mud is a huge hassle when most of the dogs are in my house! It's like living in the TV show Little House on the Prairie with a dirt floor. My leather furniture is splattered with mud. My walls, washer, dryer, refrigerator and face have been covered in mud from dog p…
Red River Flooding
The Red River is expected to get out of banks over a portion of NE Texas over the next few days. The Red should crest a little above a foot over flood stage near DeKalb at Pecan Point.
Had Enough Rain For a While?
Since the drought conditions of 2011 has most of us afraid to say "too much rain" I will just let the photo speak for itself.
I run a German Shepherd Dog rescue and obviously this pen is not able to be used until it dries out. Thankfully I have are other exercise areas that are not …