Your Facebook Copyright Notice Status Update Is Bogus
If you've been on Facebook over the last few days, you've probably seen that some of your friends have posted a copyright notice as their status update.
The message suggests that the poster has copyrighted all the material on their Facebook page thanks to the authority of somethin…
Your Daily Inspiration
I found this on a website and thought I would share it with you. When I am on Facebook I always see people share little pictures with witty sayings on them and this just spoke to me this week. Feel free top share is it applies to you.
Facebook For Kids Under 13 – Is That Okay? [POLL]
Facebook is thinking about making it 'legal' for pre-teens to sign up, as if that isn't happening already. That means it will be okay for your 10 year old to log into Facebook and be connected to all of the posting that occurs online.

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