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Provide a Pet a Pad: Cutie David Needs a Home [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
David is a little over 1 year old. He is already neutered. He is very sweet, loves affection, plays and listens well. He looks like a shepherd mix but he is only 20 pounds. He would make a great inside/outside dog for the entire family and will be good with kids. David is good with other dogs too!
Provide a Pet a Pad – Bear Needs Home [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
Bear looks like a mix of shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog. Approximately one year old and 75 to 80 pounds. He will probably get a bit bigger. Very sweet and walks well on a leash. Very smart and a quick learner.
Bear has been at the shelter since May and is really in need of a permanent home.
What to do if Your Pet is Lost
Hundreds of pets are lost every year in Texarkana. Owners panic when they realize that their beloved pet is missing.
Here are the steps you can use to locate your lost pet:
Provide a Pet a Pad Today – Annie Needs a Home [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Annie is a beautiful 3 year old, spayed dog that currently lives at the animal shelter in Texarkana. She is very calm and mild-mannered. Annie is house trained and walks great on a leash.
Annie was adopted recently but the manager of the apartment complex mistook her for a pitt and said she couldn't …
Provide a Pet a Pad – Shelter Dog Buck Needs a Home [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Buck is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd male. He is a beautiful color and a very sweet boy that is not comfortable in the shelter environment. He would like his own house to become the best dog you have ever had.
Buck comes with a free wellness exam from Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital to make sure h…

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