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No Adoption Fee Saturday at the Shelter [PHOTOS]
This Saturday there are no adoption fees to adopt a dog or cat. The shelter will also have animals at the Octoberfest event in Downtown Texarkana.
Here are just a few of the dogs that are available for adoption.
Litters of Puppies at the Animal Shelter in Texarkana [PHOTOS]
Here are just a few pictures of the litters of puppies that are at the animal shelter in Texarkana. They are so young. Some may have even been born at the shelter! Please remember to spay and neuter your pets. Please also share these photos and contact the shelter if you are interested in fostering…
An Old Dog Pleads For a Pardon From Death Row [PHOTOS]
This is Sage, a German Shepherd Dog that had been given up on by her owners and turned into the animal shelter. She was an "owner surrender" which means her owners signed over their ownership to the animal shelter. The reason given: they said she was blind, deaf and could no longer get aro…
Rocky the Dog Needs a New Home [PHOTOS]
Rocky is a Black Mouth Cur mix. He is a little over 1 year old. Rocky is very sweet and good on a leash. He is very mild mannered but still playful. His estimated weight is 60 pounds.
Homeless Dogs and Cats in Need of Homes [PHOTOS]
There are so puppies at the shelter right now. It seems the Spring baby season is here early. There are at least 4 litters of babies with their mommas. So far only one litter is on the adoption floor—there just is not enough room for all of the animals. From small breed dogs to large breed dogs. Ple…

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