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Was This Puppy Abused? Yes or No, He Still Needs a Home [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Someone threw this poor baby out on the street! He was found by an elderly lady on a fixed income. He is now at the shelter.
He has kind of a unique, ummm, how do I put this...his wee-wee doesn't look like it exists. No lie! It looks like it was removed because it doesn't stick out.…
Adorable Puppy at Animal Shelter in Texarkana, Arkansas [UPDATE]
This is possibly the cutest puppy EVER! He is adorable and ready for adoption from the animal shelter in Texarkana.
He talks to me in the video below. He tries to get a soda from the machine. He checks out the crate in the corner. Waves at the camera. He would make a sweet Valentine …
Rottweiler in Texarkana Shelter Needs a Home [PHOTOS]
Diablo is a sweetheart of a dog. He is Less than one year old. Diablo is dire need of some TLC. He seems to be depressed the longer he stays at the shelter. At one point he had a kennel buddy but he was adopted so now Diablo is alone.
Diablo will need to be neutered before he can go to a new home. Co…
Animal Shelter Employee Gives Affection and Attention to Homeless Dogs
As I was walking through the animal shelter one day I spotted this employee taking a few minutes out of her busy day to give some attention to the dogs.
Can you imagine working at the shelter? So many dogs come and go. Some find new homes while others are euthanized because no one adopts them. How ha…
Shelter Dogs in Texarkana that Need Homes [PHOTOS]
The animal shelter in Texarkana houses a lot of dogs that are in need of new homes. Adopt if you can otherwise please share the photos so that your friends can see the great dogs that would make great additions to the family.
Silent Auction at the Animal Shelter
The animal shelter in Texarkana is holding a silent auction at the shelter through the end of this week. There are tons of great items to bid on! Purses, lamps, massages, cat treat basket, dog gift basket, fast food, oil changes, grooming for your pet and so much more.
Please go by the shelter at 203…
Rain Moves Fundraiser to the Animal Shelter
The rain this past Saturday prevented the benefit from going as planned so now our local animal shelter in Texarkana is having the silent auction at the shelter all week. Please go by the shelter at 203 Harrison and place your bid on the fabulous items. The auction table is just inside the front doo…