The  rock band Synergistic will bring their live show to Hopkin's Icehouse in Texarkana on Saturday night.

Synergistic was born in early 2007. Band members are Jason Cigainero on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Aaron Ervin on lead guitar and backup vocals, Casey Huff/Dave Ainsworth on bass guitar and backup vocals, and Curtis Jones on drums. Synergistic plays original songs as well as a diverse playlist from Rehab to Gavin DeGraw.
Here is a little history of Hopkin's Icehouse:

This building was built in early 1900s. Legend has it that it was a Ford dealership and you are sitting in the “showroom.”  Roy D Hopkins Feed & Seed began business here Jan 2, 1936 and closed in 2007. That’s when George Dodson and David Jones purchased the property. For 18 months at nights and on weekends, the proprietors worked to build Hopkin's Icehouse as you see it.

Almost 100 percent of the work was performed by George and Dave, from cutting the concrete then jack hammering it out, scraping and painting the ceiling, hanging the sheetrock then painting it, building the walk in cooler and the bar and kitchen. Original items are the tin ceiling, transoms, doors, floors and the glass windows.

The brick wall on the east side is original and was covered with plaster, which had to be removed with sledge hammers. The term “icehouse” dates back to the day when families purchased blocks of ice for their “ice box.” These early ice boxes were small and the woman of the house would not allow the men to keep their beer in them. So, the men would keep their beer at the icehouses down by the railroad tracks (this is how ice was transported). This is where they would congregate after work and enjoy a cold beer.

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