This adorable kitten has been running around the radio station and nearby homes for a few days. I didn't know anything about it until this morning when I saw Animal Control pull into the driveway of the house next to the radio station. Snoopy me had to go see what was going on and there he was! This sweet little kitty.

I couldn't stand the thought of him going to the big scary shelter so I asked if I could have him and find him a home. I run a dog rescue and happen to have a small crate in my truck to put him in. We made a litter box out of a copy paper box lid, gave him water in a coffee cup and fixed up a little bed. We tied a piece of ribbon to the top of the crate so he could play and I gave him some cat treats that a listener had dropped off several weeks ago.

He is very sweet. I am now in the process of trying to find a place for him to go for a few days or a permanent home.