There is a new survey out that says 69% of people that quit their jobs did so because of a bad boss, not a bad job.  Do you have a bad boss?

The survey done by India Blooms, also found that 56% of the respondents stated they had been bullied by their boss.

62% of those polled said that they had an abusive boss that humiliates workers, insults them, or isolates them from co-workers.

The survey also showed that a bad boss can lead to work place stress, and employee health problems like increased risk of heart attack or stroke.  A bad boss can also contribute to insomnia, depression, anxiety, weakened immune system, and chronic muscle pains and migraines.

The survey also finds that those that work under a "bad boss" are less likely to give extra effort, do additional tasks or work longer hours.

A "good boss" should be a motivator, a leader that inspires his team to do great things, but a bad boss will always misunderstand "leadership".  (Leadership is an action, not a position.)

A few traits you will find in "bad bosses" include, bullying, Incompetence, harassment, inadequate compensation, privacy invasion, and dishonesty with employees.

So tell us what you think in our poll here...

(India Blooms)