Super Tall Paul brings his unique show To Hopkin's Icehouse Thursday night. SuperTall Paul Newman magically juggles multiple acts and talents into a very unique show!

Pauls skills include Clown/mime, street performer, Heeleys, Stilts, Improv comedy/theater, Unicycle (Standard & Giraffe), Juggler (Pins, Fire Pins, Balls & Rings), Dance (Breakdance, Pop-Lock, Robot, Boogaloo & Hip-Hop), Music (Jazz Improvisation, Film Score, Lead Singer, Song Writing/Composition), & Instruments (Sax, Flute, Dijeridoo, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Trap kit, Harmonica, Ukulele, Keys, Talk Box, Nose Whistle, Trumpet & Vocal).

Check out Super Tall Paul in action.


Paul Newman joined the US Marine Corps for four years right after high school which is where he decided that he was destined to be an entertainer. His love for performance lead him to theatrical training post military with The Hot House Spontaneous Theater Group where he graduated & then received Comedic Coaching by Stefan Haves of Cirque De Soleil & went on to graduate from the Recording Artist Program at The Musicians Institute.


SuperTall Paul has worked with circus troupes Lucent Dossier, Vau De Vire Society, Stilt Circus, Poi Boys, Cirque Berzerk, Jumbo Shrimp Circus, Zen Arts, Cirque Du Soleil, & Way to Much Entertainment. Some of his acting highlights have been national commercials as an Underwater Clown for Farmers Insurance National and a Street Unicyclist for Ford Fiesta National, Improv with the cast of Reno 911, a clown & juggler for Paris Hilton’s My BFF final show, Unicyclist for Panic at the Disco music video, Clown/juggler/Unicyclist for a Nicole Atkins music video & Juggler at The Elevate Film Festival. Paul has also performed & hosted for very large audiences like the Hollywood Bowl, The Getty Theatre, Coachella Music Festival, Bonnaroo Music Festival, Teatro Del Cirquo Braga in Portugal, Electric Picnic Music Festival in Ireland, LIghtening In A Bottle, General Motors Car Show and Centennial Sideshow on The Santa Monica Pier. His club appearances are too numerous to mention.