What discounts are you overlooking because you are always in a hurry? I'm not talking about coupons that you have to spend hours clipping and organizing. I'm talking about those hassle-free discounts that are handed to you.

Check out these super easy ways to save money:

  • Receipt coupons - Just like it sounds, they are coupons on the back of receipts. Sometimes they are worth hanging on to for your next shopping trip. Also look for the customer service surveys that can save you some bucks and get you into big money drawings.
  • Mobile coupons - These are becoming pretty hot items. If you have a smart phone, you have easy access to coupons while you're shopping. Just download a free coupon app, such as Coupon Sherpa, and search for discounts at the store where you're shopping, or download grocery discounts directly to your loyalty card.
  • Product coupons - These are coupons attached to a product for immediate use. Be sure to point them out to the cashier because they get looked over otherwise. My husband doesn't have much luck with these. I suggest pulling them off when you put the item into your cart and put them with your form of payment so they are not forgotten.
  • Status discounts - Seniors aren't the only ones who can get discounts. Students, teachers and military personnel are offered discounts too.
  • Preferred customer offers - Join the club! Some retailers offer programs that allow customers to earn rewards after spending a certain amount or getting special pricing on certain items. The programs are free so why not sign up.