The Texarkana College Board of Trustees met in a special meeting today, and members approved a motion to hold a second election for Trustee Place 2 position.

The election between Jean Cotten and Julie-Ray Harrison will be held June 16, 2012 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at the Truman Arnold Student Center on the Texarkana College Campus, 2500 North Robison Road, Texarkana, Texas.

Texarkana College held an election on May 12, 2012, for Trustee Place 2 position of the Board of Trustees of that ended in a tie with each candidate receiving 700 votes.

In a press release from the college, James Henry Russell, Texarkana College President James Henry Russell said,

We are blazing new trails with this election and we have received direction from Texas State Representative George Lavender’s office and officials from the Texas Secretary of State on the correct way to go about this.”

The TC Board of Trustees also approved consolidating all polling places into one central location on the Texarkana College campus.  Both candidates, Cotten and Harrison have agreed to the consolidation plan.  The estimated cost to conduct the second election is $4,000.

Russell said,

Because of the small size of the college district (approx.16.3 sq. mi.) and due to the short time period to prepare for the election, using a single polling location right here on campus will help TC officials educate voters on the need for the second election and will also conserve taxpayer money and College resources.”

Voters within the current tax district can also plan to vote early on weekdays June 4, 2012 through June 12, 2012 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the TC Nelson Administration Building, 2500 N. Robison Road, Texarkana, Texas.

In addition, voters may request a ballot by mail by contacting the Early Voting Clerk at 2500 N. Robison Road, Texarkana, TX 75599, or by phone at  903-823-3355 or 903-823-3198.