If you've been near a computer for the past week or so, you may have read that Lady Gaga plans to make her return to the stage in a spectacular fashion: joining Beyonce at her upcoming New York City concert in July.  This particular story has gone around the globe and back, but sorry...it's simply not true.

The story started with Songkick.com, a British website that aggregates concert listings. The site sent out automatic emails to its subscribers saying that Gaga would join Beyonce at her show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn; the news also appeared on the site's Twitter feed.  This was then reported as fact by more than one media outlet.  The only trouble, however, is that the information that Songkick sent out was wrong.

A spokesperson for Songkick says that "incorrect and unverified" information was inadvertently added to their site, and during the "short space of time" that said incorrect information was live, email notifications were sent out, and details were shared on Twitter.  It "snowballed from there," said the rep.