Have you ever seen a stray dog but when you tried to catch it runs from you? The secret weapon could be another dog.

I know not everyone travels with a dog like I do, but a lot of folks do. Maybe you have seen this same dog at the same spot for several days. Run home and grab your dog-friendly pooch and get him to help lure the other dog to you.

Mimi Campbell

Today I was taking my puppy to the vet and when I pulled into the parking lot, I saw several people trying to catch a small dog that kept getting close only to dodge from their reach. I hopped out with both my dogs only to have my biggest boy start barking and causing the dog to run from us. I put him back in my truck and brought just the puppy out. Immediately the loose dog came to us. I've used one of my other dogs to catch other dogs that were not catch-able otherwise.

You might remember the Boxer, Duke, that ran away after a car accident last year. The dog that fathered his litter was used to lure him out of hiding. Duke knew his father well so he was more than happy to come running.

If you lose a dog and are at a loss on how to get him/her back, find a dog that he/she knows and walk the area where you last saw them.

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